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Chrissy Redding

Real Estate Consultant for MD and PA

Awesome person and even better Agent! I am a hard person to work with and please, she was very attentive and always answered her phone on the first call. Chrissy is very knowledgeable about all aspects of this industry. I've worked with her twice and both times I found the house I wanted, she never tried to sell me a house I didn't like. She also turned my first property into a rental and even found me great tenants! Matt

Chrissy is a professional businesswoman and at the same time a likable, friendly person. She knows the real estate business, applicable law, and will work with you to find that for which you are looking. I have been involved with the buying and selling of several houses in the course of my lifetime and can honestly say that Chrissy Redding is the first agent who has done all I could expect and then more. From the selling of my old home to the purchase of my new one, she made it all so easy for me. Ellen

I enjoyed working with Chrissy during my home buying process. She did a great job monitoring the listings and identifying potential homes for review. She was communicative, knowledgeable, attentive, and overall just made the selling and buying process relatively painless. Great job Chrissy! I reached out to her for assistance on two additional occasions as well and she has been great every time. She’s my first choice for an Agent and I’d highly recommend her.  Eddie

I knew Chrissy was the right Realtor for me the first time she came to the house. She was extremely confident and positive along with being very realistic in what I could expect during the whole process. My work schedule is very hectic and Chrissy was always understanding and willing to work around it the best she could. I was a little apprehensive about selling my place, but Chrissy guided me step by step to make sure I received the best offer and made the process an easy transition and for that I'm thankful! Tara

Chrissy Redding is our Realtor and I would like to tell you our experience with her. Due to her expertise our house sold in 27 days. Knowledgeable of her craft and skillful way she helped us navigate the maze of issues that accompany selling our home, after 35 years spent here, allowed us to emerge from said maze with the least amount of stress possible. She was there every step of the way to help us make this momentous and emotional transition in our life. We can not thank her enough for the caring and professional help and encouragement through this difficult ordeal. Veronica and George